Physics Lab

The Laboratory practical contains comprehensive hands-on practice of laboratory experiments that are academically aligned and mirror those performed on campuses around the world.

We have a well furnished, large physics practical lab having a separate dark room of for optics experiments.

Various important experiments on Bar Pendulum, Katter’s Pendulum, Bending of beam, Polari meter, Moment of Inertia, Nodal Slide, Newton’s ring, Calibration of Voltmeter, Calibration of Ammeter, Neon Lamp, P.N. Junction Diode etc are conducted in the laboratory.

We believe that the graduation in B.Sc. with PCM stream will provides you the core knowledge of science and avail you the opportunities in distinguished fields of science & technology.

Core knowledge of science is the only way of occupy leading positions in research institutes and industrial laboratories in India and the world over.

The number of Physics Lab avaiable is 2 ( Two ) with total capacity of 120 students.